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Take the following pairs of planets 1 a Rasi sign dispositor of 7 th lord. When Jupiter transits a sign trine to the Rasi or Navamsa occupied by the 7 th lord when the dasha of the aforesaid planet is in progress, marriage will take place. In the above illustration let us say, Venus and Moon are stronger. Let us say th Mars as the 7 lord is in Aries and Jupiter is in Leo in transit. Venus dasha is in progress. This is the probable time for marriage according to the rule , we have discussed. There is a general rule in transit that Jupiter gives good results in general.

Astrologers tend to confuse this rule stating "Gurubalam" has come, now the native will get married". If there are so many rules for getting married, then how come there are so many unmarried persons in society? The answer is simple It is not enough if the text book rules are satisfied-the concerned planet must be strong enough to ensure marriage takes place. If not, the promise of marriage will be there but in reality that person will not get married.

Let us say a girl is th 25 years old and she is running Jupiter dasha, with Jupiter in the 7 in her birth chart. This may prove to be an ideal time for her to get married. Let us say she th is 75 years old,she is running Jupiter dasha , with Jupiter in the 7 in her birth chart. This may prove to be an ideal time to leave the world. The same planet has two functions-when time is ripe it gets her married; when time is over it takes her back to the place where she came from.

Please note that a Maraka planet can do its role at a younger age also , if longevity is absent in the chart. This is where knowledge, coupled with wisdom and interpretation skills are required in Astrology. In India, convicts were exiled and sent to Andaman and Nicobar islands.

In Soviet Union, convicts were exiled to Siberia. In UK, convicts were deported to Australia. In those days only convicts stayed in Australia. In Indian mythology, we have the example of Lord Sri Rama, being sent to the forest for 14 years.

In all these cases, going to a foreign country was an undesirable thing. Today going abroad is the most preferred option because you are assured of a high income, social status and very good living comfort. Near Hyderabad there is a temple called Chilkur Balaji temple, where lots of Visa-seekers queue up everyday since there is a belief that the presiding deity of the temple, lord Balaji would certainly fulfil this particular aspiration of the devotees. If the 7 th lord occupies the lagna, one will go abroad. One will go abroad, as a crew of a ship if 7 lord is with benefics. One earns wealth in a Foreign country if 9 lord is in the 7 house.

Marriage in a foreign country or with a foreigner is possible if lord of 7is in 12'or if 12 th lord is in 7 th house. Please note that a strong 7 th house promotes overseas travel. A strong 7 th lord or a strong planet aspecting the 7 house see discussion on Chart 2 will promote overseas travel. When 7 th house is aspected by a number of planets one gets overseas residence see discussion on chart 3.

When the 7 th lord occupies a house of saturm in either Rasi or navamsa one goes abroad see discussion on chart l. Saturn,Rahu and Venus have an inherent alien nature which makes them causative of foreign travel while Mars gives foreign travel th only when associated with the 7 house th 7 house and marriage-certain Intricacies 1. A person may have two marriages if Saturn is in 2 and Rahu is in 7. If Saturn, Venus and Mars are weak and occupy 2,4,7,8 or 12, the person will have two wives.

If Venus is in 7 with Saturn the person will be attached to his own wife. If Mercury is in 7,the person will be addicted to women, other than his spouse. A person's wife will be deeply devoted to him if Jupiter occupies 7 th house. A person will be skilled and tactful if Rahu is in 7. The Sanskrit term used is "Nipuna"which means skill, tact or being adept in performance of tasks. A person's wife will be a shrew, if Ketu is in 7. After going through these rules, the reader might get a few doubts which I will address now.

We know that benefics promote the quality of a bhava and malefics spoil them. There is a slight variation here. Read the first rule again. A person will have two wives if Saturn is in 2 and Rahu is in 7. When malefics occupy 2 or 7, the house of family and the house of wife are both afflicted. So the indications of that bhava are vitiated. So, as an astrologer you would predict: "That person will not have a family: That person will be unmarried: That person will live as a bachelor or spinster"- is it not?

That person will have two wives. How come Jupiter in 7 gives only one wife, while Rahu gives two? I will explain the reason now. When the seventh bhava is supposed to exist in a horoscope , the person will get married. Assume for instance, 7 lord is in 9- that person will get married. Now Jupiter in 7, gives a deeply devoted wife. So the person is satisfied and he will not look out for extra -marital affairs. Under the same condition, if Rahu is in 7, then the wife of that person will not give marital happiness. Hence the rule is : Saturn in 2 and Rahu in 7 will give two wives. In any horoscope the mutual dispositions of Mars and Venus need to be assessed carefully.

Venus is associated with marriage, happiness, fertility , physical beauty and friendship. Mars is associated with fortitude ,aggression high energy levels and sensual gratification. Union of these two planets in a chart, especially in relation to the seventh house is a warning sign. Parents need to bring up kids with such combinations with care.

If such a combination gets the aspect of Jupiter, the evil is neutralised. Venus is the Karaka planet for 7 th house. Venus in Scorpio predisposes a person to physical attraction while Venus in Cancer may lead to a person marrying twice, due to vacillation of mind. In general Venus is supposed to be a "tricky" planet and when its major period is in operation people should guard themselves from trivial desires which may eventually cause great harm.

Kendradipathya dosha In every textbook on Astrology, you will get one standard rule. One such exception is Kendradipathya dosha. If the Lagna of a person happens to be Gemini, Virgo ,Saggittarius or Pisces, then Jupiter in the 7 th is not going to be of any use in marriage related matters: on the other hand it is positively harmful.

What is the reason? The answer is : Kendradipathya yoga. Peculiarly enough this dosha haunts only benefics: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and waxing Moon. Malefics are exempt from this dosha. Please note that to come under the evil of Kendradipathya it is not enough if the planet is the owner of a quadrant-Simultaneously it should be an occupant of a quadrant. This dosha occurs when benefics become owners -cum- occupants of quadrants.

Some scholars opine that if a boy has Jupiter in the 7 th for say Virgo lagna then the horoscope can be matched with that of a girl who has Mars in 7. Thus Kendradipathya dosha is strong enough to neutralize even Kuja dosha. Contrary to what everyone believes, the Eighth house does not represent death. Because the Eighth house is an undesirable house and death is an undesirable event, people wrongly understand that the Eighth house represents death.

In this sentence she describes the death of Richard Walsh, her husband, articulating her emotions as the survivor. A practical perception on death occurs in the Mahabharata. That behavior is the most wonderful thing in this world. In The Power of Now Tolle explains this with an analogy: "If you saw an angel and mistook it for a stone statue all you would have to do is to adjust your vision and look more closely at the stone statue — not start looking at somewhere else. You would then find that there never was a stone statue , page Satyam bruyat: priyam bruyat; na bruyat satyam apriyam speak truth; speak what is pleasant; never speak an unpleasant truth - is an ancient Sanskrit adage.

An intelligent practitioner of astrology will not predict death. An average astrologer cannot foresee the death of a person. So it is better that a client ceases to seek an answer to this question since neither of the two can direct the client to the right answer. A misconception that usually prevails in both scholars and students of astrology is that the lord of the Eighth house existing in either the Sixth or the Twelfth house will offer viparita raja yoga.

I cannot understand how this yoga is so grossly misunderstood. If a person does not live, then who will receive the fruits of viparita raja yoga? Note that lord of Eighth House in house Eight bears good effects: the saralayoga. Presence of the lord of the Eighth House in houses Six or Twelve is a major affliction in a horoscope. Note that the lord of the Eighth House should be strong, but for longevity to exist in a chart, the lagna lord should be stronger than the lord of the Eighth house.

Esoteric meaning of Eighth house Instead of my elaboration on the esoteric meaning of the Eighth house and its implications, I would rather allow the reader to have a look at the views of Vaughn Paul Manley, which offer insights into the functionality of the Eighth house. Manley says: "The Eighth House has earned the dubious reputation as an undesirable house in Astrology. It can be summed up as the house of change — sudden, dramatic and intense change.

As a society we love the kind of drama, which the Eighth house provides, as long as it involves someone else! Our happiness is internal. That is our choice, from a moment to another. Either we choose to be the victims of our fate or we rise above it. Similar to compost taking time to transform from biological waste, the blessing the Eighth house would offer takes time to be revealed. According to the Dalai Lama, "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Carl Jung says, 'Whatever is not conscious will be experienced as fate. If these planets occupy a quadrant or a trine or the Eleventh Elouse, longevity is assured. The lord of the Tenth house is the lord of karma —how is it useful in offering longevity to a person? If a person has a long career ahead of him, should he not be alive in the first place? Now we will discuss three rules, which help resolving the question of longevity. If the lord of the Eighth bhava occupies a dustana 6,8,12 in conjunction with a malefic, the person will be short lived. Please understand the subtle difference between what was discussed earlier and this rule.

If the lord of Eighth bhava is in 8,' longevity will be there, more so if it is aspected by a benefic. If a malefic conjoins the Eighth lord in the Eighth house, then the person will be short lived.

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The above list is illustrative only. Please note that in all the above, the lord of the Eighth house has a major role to play in subjecting the person to deprivation of good things in life and humiliation. Eighth house in Charts of Females Mars in the Eighth house in a chart of a male will cause his death, but not that of his wife. In the chart of a female who is married , Mars in Eighth House will result in the death of her husband, but has no bearing on her longevity.

In charts of spinsters this rule is inapplicable. In the chart of a female, Eighth house denotes MangalyasthanaSo a male who has Mars in house Seven can marry a female with Mars in house Eight. But a female with Mars in house Seven or Eight should never marry a male with Mars in the Eighth house. A girl who has Shuddha Ja taka meaning absence of a malefic in 7 or 8 can marry a boy who has Mars in Eighth house.

A word of caution: when Mars is in Eighth house, if other pointers to longevity are present in a male chart, that person will be long lived. Merely because Mars in 8, one should not jump to a conclusion, without examination of other pertinent factors, such as presence of benefics in quadrant, strength of lagna lord and aspect of benefics on the Ascendant. When the lagna lord is also the lord of the Eighth House, it will offer results of being the owner of lagna, when it is strong.

This point gets clarified by the explanation given by Mantreswara in Phala Deepika Ch. Take Aries, for instance. When judging the chart, proceed on the assumption that Mars is the lagna lord and ignore the fact that it owns Eighth house. I am giving this clarification here because at times clients ask me: "Mars is in the Ninth house: should I view it as lagna lord in 9?

Can we take it to be the eighth lord in 9? A rule of thumb is offered by Jaimini to ascertain longevity of a person. Let us consider the Lagna lord and the Eighth lord as a pairdagna lord—eighth houselord in short, LE pair. Long life is indicated if this pair occupies movable signs.

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Alternatively one of them should occupy a fixed sign and the other a common sign. I shall explain this: Longevity is indicated if the LE pair occupies either movable signs or two dissimilar signs other than a movable sign. If the LE pair occupies two common signs, medium span of life is indicated. Same is the case if they occupy two dissimilar signs other than a common sign.

If the LE pair occupies two fixed signs, a short span of life is indicated. Same is the case if they occupy two dissimilar signs other than a fixed sign. With this theoretical discussion on the Eighth house, let us proceed to discuss a few charts with a view to gaining conceptual clarity with reference to Eighth House prospects. Chart 1 belongs to a person, who is nearing 90 and active. Lagna lord is in the Eleventh house, while the eighth lord is in own house — both pointing to long life.

Applying the Jaimini logic,the LE pair occupies movable signs — a definite pointer to the person living a long life. When a debilitated planet is in retrograde motion, it gives the effect of an exalted planet. In chart 2, it is the debilitated lagna lord, which is retrograde, thereby becoming strong.


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Further the Eighth House is strongly aspected by Jupiter from the Second house. A long life was experienced by the chart holder. Now to chart 3 ;In this chart Mars and Ketu occupy the second bhava and therefore the chart is governed by Kuja dosha, which is dreadful in a female chart because of its tendency to make the person a widow subject to her not being a spinster. In this chart, Saturn as the lord of the Seventh house is in the Eighth house.

As discussed earlier,in a chart of a female, the Eighth House denotes longevity of the male spouse. In this chart both Saturn and Rahu occupy the Eighth house. In other words, this is a chart where Mars dosha occurs in addition to a heavily afflicted eighth house. The woman was widowed when she was about 36 years old. Her husband was healthy, but died suddenly. Chart 4 belongs to a person who lived in affluence but passed way suddenly while in early 50s.

The lord of the Eighth House in the sixth did not contribute to longevity. A viparita raja yoga could be said to occur here but that did not favour longevity.. Mars is in a common sign and Mercury is in a movable sign. Based on the LR pair theory this is indicative of short life only. This could be taken as an additional argument against longevity in this chart. I have taken an example chart for each of the possibilities we discussed earlier. In the next article in this sequence we will take up the Ninth house for discussion.

Ninth House and its implications By Dr. Neelakantan Man proposes God disposes: - so goes the age-old maxim. Meaning of this adage is human beings can make any plans they want, but it is God who gives success or failure. For man proposes, but God disposes; neither is the way of man in his own hands. Hamlet is acknowledging that there are many things out of his control, and that in the end it is God who will determine our destiny. This is an important realization for Hamlet, who is undergoing a transition from an indecisive worrier to an honorable and resolute character.

These lines would also have been relative to Shakespeare's audience. When Shakespeare was finishing up the play in , there was uncertainty in England. Queen Elizabeth had no clear hereditary successor, and the future of the nation was unsure. Changes in authority throughout the previous century had resulted in widespread political and religious persecution. The citizens of England had reason to be apprehensive about the future. However, there was also a belief at the time that royalty were ruling by divine right.

The message that "There's a divinity that shapes our ends Whether they would prosper or suffer, they could take comfort knowing that there is a greater meaning to it. The invisible l force which guides the life of every human is divine grace. Theists believe that it is the same force which creates atheists and agnostics. Our Rishis believed that a person receives divine grace on account of past karma. So, they conceived of an invisible link between merits of past birth and divine grace and introduced this concept through Astrology.

In Astrology, the fifth house denotes poorvapunya, while ninth house denotes divine grace. These houses share a trinal link viz. The ninth house stands for Guru Preceptor , devoto deity , Pitru father. One gets happiness if the ninth house is occupied by a benefic or by the 9 th Lord.

Even a malefic in ninth house is good provided it is in its own house or in exaltation or happens to be a friendly planet of the ninth lord. If Jupiter is placed in the 9 th aspected by the Sun, one becomes a King; if aspected by Mars, one becomes a Minister; if by Mercury, will be wealthy; if by Venus, will own horses; if by Moon, will be happy and if aspected by Saturn, will own Camels. The above rules come into play when a single planet aspects Jupiter. What happens when a pair of planets aspect Jupiter? If Jupiter occupying the 9 th Bhava be aspected by both the Sun and the Moon, the person will own elephants, cows, horses and be blessed with wealth ; if by Sun and Mars, he will have an army, vehicles and own precious stones; if by Sun and Mercury, he will be blessed with huge wealth and such a person will take delight in participating in debates with scholars; if by Sun and Venus, will be polite in speech; if by Sun and Saturn will abound in moral excellence; if by Moon and Mars, will have fame, will command an army and be blessed with wealth; if by Moon and Mercury ,will be blessed with domestic happiness; if by Moon and Venus, will be wealthy and active; if by Moon and Saturn, will be meritorious and become an expounder of law in a Foreign Country; if by Mercury and Venus will surpass everyone in learning.

If all the planets barring Jupiter aspect Jupiter in 9, one will be a King. One will become a th king if Moon in the 9 is aspected by Saturn, Mercury and Mars. One becomes a King if a planet in exaltation in the 9 th is aspected by another friendly planet. One will gain respect and be wealthy if Mars and th Jupiter are in conjunction in the 9.

Both knowledge as well as wealth will be th present in one, in whose chart Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in the 9 house. One will be devoted to music and also will enjoy all forms of pleasures if Mercury th and Venus occupy the 9 house. One will be exceedingly wealthy if Jupiter and th Venus occupy the 9 house. One will be a King's equal if Venus conjoins Saturn in the 9 th. If Sun in the case of day birth and Saturn in the case of a night birth be well placed and aspected by benefics and the 9 th lord is strong, the native's father will be blessed with long life.

If the Sun and the Moon form a trine to Mars and Saturn, th the child will be abandoned by its parents. However if the 9 bhava is aspected by Jupiter, the child will be happy and long lived. If Saturn is in a movable sign, unaspected by benefics and Sun is in 6,8 or 12, the child will be brought up by a foster- father. The child will be given in adoption - If either the 9 th house is in a movable sign or the 9 th lord occupies a movable sign, provided they come under influence of Saturn and - Lord of 12 th is strongly placed. A person earns money exclusively through self effort when the lord of ninth occupies the rising sign.

Inheritance through father is indicated when ninth lord occupies the second house. One makes a fortune through writing or oratory when ninth lord is in the third house. In fourth, the aforesaid planet bestows vast landed properties and luxurious villas. One's children meet with good fortune th t h with the 9 lord is in the 5 house. One will travel abroad and meet with good th fortune in an alien land with the 9 lord in the seventh house. The best house for the ninth lord to be placed would be it own house viz; the ninth house.

In such a case The native's father would prosper and be blessed with long life Native would be religious and charitable - Foreign travels would give both wealth as well as fame. Much wealth and comfort would be bestowed on the native. The native would be righteous and will also be a law abiding citizen. In the eleventh, the ninth lord would bestow wealth in abundance.

Friends would be both powerful and influential. The three houses wherein, the ninth lord would bestow undesirable results would be the 6 th , 8 th and 12 th. One's father would be ailing if lord of 9 is in the sixth. Native's father passes away if ninth lord is in the eighth. One would meet with failure in every undertaking if the ninth lord is in the twelfth house. One will be fortunate and prosperous if Moon occupies the ninth house. However if the Moon in the ninth were to conjoin Venus, one will lead an immoral life. One will build charitable institutions if Moon were to be in the ninth.

One will th be affluent and wield authority if Mars were to be in the 9. One will be learned th if Jupiter and Mercury were to conjoin Mars in the 9. One will become a great th scholar if Mercury occupies the 9. Jupiter in conjunction with Mercury in 9 makes one wise and witty. Mars in 9 makes one a scholar in theosophy and metaphysics.

One will travel abroad and also be invited to deliver lectures by educational institutions. One will become an exponent of law and philosophy if Jupiter were to be in the 9 th house. People with Jupiter in 9 lead an ethical life. With Venus in 9, one is endowed with every kind of happiness, more particularly, fame, learning, happy married life and good children. Saturn in 9 contributes to loneliness. Since it is 3 rd from 7 th house denoting marriage it may lead to friction in marital ties. According to Varahamihira, "if Jupiter, Moon and the Ascendant come under the aspect of Saturn, simultaneously, the native would become a King, who happens to be a writer on scriptures and science".

In mythology, we have 4 the example of Janaka, father of Sita concert of Lord Rama , who was the King of Mithila and was also a great yogi. These examples are quoted to show that there were instances of Kings who were not only able administrators but also proficient in Ayurveda,Yogashastra,Jyothisha and allied subjects. In timing events related to ninth house, the following factors should be reckoned:- 1.

Planet aspecting 9 th 3. Occupant of 9 th house th 4. Planets in conjunction with or aspecting 9 lord 5. Sun, being the karaka Planet The following three rules would be vital in judging the effects of Dasa or Bhukti lords 1. If both dasa and bhukti lords influence the 9 th , they produce excellent results, 2. If the bhukti lord is related to the 9 th , while dasa lord is unrelated to 9 th , results are negligible, 3. If the bhukti lord is unassociated with 9 th while dasa lord is associated, the results are seen to a very small extent.

Summing up, effects of 9 th house are fully realized if both dasa and bhukti lords are associated with 9 th house. When the lord of 9 occupies 6, 8 or 12 and the 9 th lord as well as the 9 th house comes under the influence of malefic planets, the resultant yoga is termed as Nirbhagya yoga Phaladeepika, chapter 6, verse A person born under this yoga is bound to lose all parental property, is irreligious, is antagonistic towards preceptors and elderly, wears worn-out clothes, and is indigent and miserable.

When lord of 10 is in 9 and lord of 9 is in 10, the person becomes a renowned monarch Ibid, chapter 7, verse 9. If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or Moon occupy the 9 th and be aspected by benefics one becomes a King who will be worshiped by the subjects like a divine being Ibid, chapter 7, Verse In transit, when Sun passes over the th 9 house one will be subject to humiliation. Moon in 9 in transit gives disease. Mercury in 9 causes impediments. Loss of wealth and impediments are caused when Saturn transits 9 th house.

From the above discussion, one can easily make out that most of the planets give adverse results when passing over the ninth house. One enjoys happiness and prosperity when Jupiter transits 9 th house. With these words we will now move on to our practical discussion on charts to understand how to apply these rules. Chart 1 belongs to Sharmila Tagore, noted Bollywood actress of yesteryears. In her chart the ninth lord is strong in its own house and is placed vargottama in conjunction with lagna Lord Sun. From Moon ninth lord Venus is well placed in the fifth. She has won several National awards for her performances.

Chart 2 belongs to Morarji Desai, former Prime minister of India. In his chart the ninth lord is exalted in the fifth house. According Kalyana Varma, if two planets are simultaneously exalted at birth, the native will be rich and famous; three planets in simultaneous exaltation will make one head a town, wealthy and an Army chief. Saravali, Ch 45 Verse One can also spot the Mahobhogyo Yoga in his chart due to the Sun and Moon being placed in odd signs ,with the Ascendant falling in an odd sign He was honoured with the Bharat Ratna award in In her chart both the Lagna Lord as well as the ninth lord are vargottama and in conjunction in the Third house.

In 6 the Bhava chart one can see an impressive array of five planets in the Fourth House. It is the strength of the Ninth lord that catapulted her to dizzy heights in her profession. Neelakantan The most misunderstood and misinterpreted house in the Zodiac is the Twelfth house. Western astrologers have sometimes described this house as, "the valley of miseries", "dark den of sorrow and horror", "the garbage bin of the Zodiac" and in many other frightening words. Is the twelfth house intrinsically good or evil?

Is this the house of bondage or Moksha? Does the twelfth house denote ill-health or freedom from ill-health? Answers to these questions, we will discover in the course of this article. Further we will try to unravel the occult side of the twelfth in the course of this dissertation. We will now try to understand the significations of the twelfth house. The twelfth house stands for: 1. Expenditure 2.

Obstacles 3. Sleep and pleasures of bed 4. Livelihood in distant countries 5. Moksha 6. Hell 7. Penury 8. Left eye 9. Punishment Liberation from pain and suffering Renunciation Physical injury Death Incarceration For Capricorn ascendant, Saturn as Lord of rising sign gives bad results while occupying the twelfth in Sagittarius. This is a peculiar rule since Saturn as lagna lord is the primary supporter of longevity while it being t h the Ayushkaraka is the natural karaka of the 8 house which rules over longevity. When this crucial planet gets relegated to the twelfth, longevity is curtailed.

On the other hand, Venus in the twelfth in Pisces for Aries ascendant is an unmixed blessing.

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Though there is a rule that lord of 2 in 12 is bad for finances, Venus as lord of 2 in 12 for Aries ascendant is favorable in twelfth due to two main reasons: - The first reason is that Venus is the only planet in the entire cluster of planets which yields beneficial results while in the twelfth. The second reason is Venus is exalted in Pisces.

The Lagna lord in the twelfth destroys the vitality of a chart and is supposed to be highly detrimental to the chart. However there are two th exceptions, viz. This is due to the fact that only for these th two rising signs, the Lagna lord is also the owner of 6 house. The 12 th lord in the 12 th is a welcome feature in any chart and is th technically known as Vimala yoga. The 12 house is an evil house and th the 12 lord is an evil lord. When an evil lord occupies an evil house, the evil indicated by that house gets mitigated. The 12 house rules over sleep.

This is one reason why Venus in 12 is a preferred choice over other houses as Venus gives rise to pleasures of the bed. Nearly one-third of a human being's life is spent on sleep and if that part of life is unsatisfactory then life is not worth living. Malefics t h th in 12 or the 12 lord otherwise afflicted gives rise to disturbed sleep.

Nightmarish dreams can spoil the quality of sleep. Though Jupiter in the 8 or 12 is an undesirable feature in any chart, the silver lining is that from these houses, Jupiter tends to influence the twelfth in a benign way. Based on the indications of the twelfth house a person could be extravagant or be a miser. One becomes liberal if a benefic occupies 12 and the 12 lord is strong; one becomes a miser if a benefic occupies 12 th and the 12 th lord is weak. A malefic in 12 and the 12 th lord strong, makes one a spendthrift.

Though the 2 lord occupies 12, the evil therefrom is mitigated if the said planet is exalted For example, Moon in Taurus for Gemini ascendant. Thus,a strong 12 lord gives lot th of expenses while a weak 12 lord reduces expenditure. These factors get aggravated or mitigated depending upon whether the planet which t h occupies 12 is a benefic or a malefic.

In general a benefic in 12 reduces expenditure and a malefic aggraves it. A wealthy man spent money lavishly on a foreign tour and then proceeded to meet a scholar on Vedanta. He boasted , "Panditji, you keep telling that hoarding wealth won't give you happiness. Today I came back after a wonderful trip. I could go for this tour only because I was wealthy. Now, at least, would you like to concede the fact that hoarding wealth gives happiness?

It was not the possession of wealth that gave you happiness. When you spent the money on travel, you gained happiness. In other words, you gained happiness, when money left you". It is the parting of wealth rather than its possession that brought you happiness. Here is another anecdote: A generous man died and on the same day a miser also passed away.

Both of them were ushered into the courtroom of Yama Dharmaraja, God of death and in his presence was Chitragupta, the divine accountant. Chitragupta suggested that according to the records the miser should be sent to heaven and the generous man sent to earth for another birth. Yama was confused. He said, "Chitragupta, it appears you have committed some silly mistake. You wish to send the miser to heaven, when actually he has not done any charity. On the other hand, the generous man deserves heaven - Please check up if there is any mistake in your records".

Chitragupta politely said, "My Lord, there is no fault in the records. Both these people have bequeathed their assets through a Will. If the rays are from 21 to 25 in number, the effects, respectively, are: honour, fortune, courage, scholarship and kingship.

Parivartana Yoga in Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

If the total number of rays is 33, he will rule over villages, while with 34 rays he will obtain leadership over villages. One will head over a lakh villages with 36 rays. If the total rays be 39, he will become a ruler causing happiness to all. With 40 rays he will rule over vast lands and the wives of the enemies crushed by him will reach their cries all over, so that he will become prominent. One with 44 rays will be an emperor, will honour Gods and Brahmins, be long-lived and be mighty. According to the rays crossing 44, one will rule over other islands, be free from obstacles, be honoured by one and all and be equal to Indra in valour.

If the total rays are 45, or 46, the native will always enjoy auspicious effects and will lord over the entire earth. If the rays are 47, the native will undertake the responsibility of maintaining the whole earth, be devoid of enemies, be an emperor akin to Indra and be honoured by all. If a planet has Abhimukha rays the good effects stated will increase, while Paranmukha rays will reduce the good effects. More number of rays will multiply the results, while less number of rays will diminish the effects.

According to rays only, one's baseness, or excellence will come to pass. Thus ends the 36th Ch. Panchamahapurusha Yogas 1. The effects thereof have been elaborately explained by the ancient preceptors, which I briefly narrate here. One born in Malavya Yoga will have thin not fleshy lips, even physique, gray complexion, thin waist, splendour equal to that of the moon, majestic voice akin to that of a tusker, pleasant odor of the body, piercing sight, even and white teeth, hands extending to the knees and a longevity of seventy years.

His face will be 13 inches in length and 10 inch broad, while the two ear-holes are 10 inch apart. Angula denoted here, as an inch means 8 barley-corn-wide He rules Laata, Malawa and Sindhu. The native of Ruchaka Yoga will have a long face, pure splendour, great strength, valour, attractive eye brows, blue very black hair, penchant for war, knowledge of Mantras, be a leader of thieves, will have blood-red complexion, be very valorous, be a conqueror of enemies, will have a neck akin to conch, be chief, cruel, will honour Gods and Brahmins, thin shanks, will have marks of a staff actually means a staff with a skull at the top deemed to be Shiva's weapon and carried by ascetics , cord, bull, arrow, diamond, lute etc.

He will rule places consisting of Vindhya and Sahya. One born in Sasa Yoga will have small teeth small face, fast pace, be crafty, very valorous, interested in forests, hills and forts, will have weak loins and long body, be famous, be an Army chief, skillful in all assignments, will have somewhat protruding teeth, be a metallurgist, be fickle minded, will have eyes resembling the lotus, be interested in the fair sex, will enjoy other's wealth, be devoted to his mother, weak waist, be very intelligent and will fault others.

His hands will contain marks of couch, conch, wheel, garland, lute etc. According to sages he will be a ruler of some place and will die at One born in Hamsa Yoga will have a reddish face, elevated nose, beautiful feet, great virile power indriya is here interpreted, as virile power coming under Jupiter , be whitish in complexion, will have broad cheeks, reddish nails, mellifluous voice, like that of the swan, be phlegmatic, will possess palms and soles with marks of trident, fish, arrow etc. His end will come later on in a forest.

His longevity will be hundred years. One born with the Bhadra Yoga will have a face, akin to that of a tiger, will imitate the elephant in gait, will have broad chest, long and strong hands and square body, will be sensuous, will have soft hair over cheeks, be learned, will possess hands and legs akin to lotus, be endowed with prowess and will be conversant with Yoga.

His palms and soles will contain symbols of conch, sword, elephant, arrow, wheel, lotus, plough etc. His body will emanate smell akin to earth settled with fresh drizzles particularly first of the season , sandal paste and elephant's ichor. He can become a monarch, if his voice is similar to the sound of a conch, drum, tusker, bull, or a roaring cloud.

In such case he will rule over the entire earth and will conquer his enemies. One with viscid tongue, skin, teeth, eyes, nails and hair will become a ruler. If these are rough, he will experience penury. One with glossy, splendourous and bright complexion will become a king. Otherwise he will be poor and miserable. If these are meddling, he will be a middle class person with wealth, children, happiness etc. Thus ends the 37th Ch. Yogas for divya Vedic Astrology Bookshelf V.

Results: One born in this Yoga is fond of travel, of good looks, ambitious, cruel and delights to frequent alien lands in pursuits of wealth. Results: The person tends to become ambitious and moves from place to place in search of name, fame and fortune, there is liking of travel, ability to take quick decision and a greater adaptability. He is intellectually 'mobile' and has an open mind. However this is an indication on an ever changing nature, indecisiveness, a fickle mind, untrustworthyness and inability to persist with one thing.

The person undergoes continuos struggle and generally does not succeed in building many fixed assets. Results: One born in this Yoga is proud, learned, wealthy, liked by ruler, famous, of stable nature, and blessed with several sons. However, the person might be obstinant, inable to take quick decisions and might have difficulty adapting to change.

Results: One born in this Yoga is defective of a limb, resolute, very clever, of fluctuating wealth, good to look at, and fond of his near and dear ones. Nala Yoga If Lagna is in a Dvishvabhava sign and several planets also in Dvishvabhava signs then the effects of Nala yoga can be felt Dr. And there is a tendency to lose opprotunities, leading to disappointment and dejection unless other indications strongly display otherwise.

Results: The person will be blessed with constant enjoyments, vehicles, good food and clothes, and association with attractive persons of the opposite sex. Results: The person might be scheming, wicked, miserable, destitute and dependent upon others for subsistence. Results: The person will be wealthy, learned, versed in sacred scriptures, fearsome, envious of others and ever engaged in earning money. Results: The person might suffer from poverty and privations, ill-health, lean body, discord with a wicked wife and earning through hard labor.

Results: The person might be a wanderer, servile, quarrelsome, a message bearer or an ambassador. Akirti Vajra Yoga Benefics in houses 1 to 7, malefics in houses 4 to 10 Dr. Results: The person is good looking, brave, wickedly disposed, and happy during early life and old age.

Akirti Yava Yoga Malefics in houses 1 to 7, benefics in houses 4 to 10 Dr. Results: The person is given to restraint and auspicious pursuits, such a person is consistent in nature, wealthy, charitable, and happy in the middle portion of his life. Results: The person is beautiful to look at, gets wide renown, long life, virtuous qualities and royal status. Results: The person is ever engaged in accumulating wealth, has small but lasting comforts, long life, sweet tongued, and tends to hoard his wealth and possessions.

Results: The person is blessed with comforts, fond of combat, courageous, very wise, wealthy, devoted to first spouse, indifferent to the second one. Vedic Astrology Bookshelf V. This variation is Artha: houses 2,6,10 Dr. Results: The person is gluttonous, servile, blessed wit friends, liked by people, living by agriculture, and tormented by poverty.

Akirti Hala Yoga All planets located in trinal houses other than the Trikonas. This variation is Kama: houses 3,7,11 Dr. This variation is Moksha: houses 4,8,12 Dr. Results: The person is contended, very learned, wealthy, valorous, engaged in sacrificial rituals, blessed with home comforts, and pursues his worldly duties. Results: The person is a manufacturer of arrows, is cruel and wicked, a hunter, a jailer, fond of animal food and of roaming in the jungles.

Results: The person is poor, lazy, long-lived, combative, argumentative, good to look at, stable, fascinated by high and low alike, and tormented by failures. Results: The person is indigent, servile, rejected, bereft of comforts, devoid of near and dear ones, and cruel hearted. Results: The person becomes famous, miserly, greedy, ambitious, of fickle nature, earning through water related pursuits. Akirti Kuta Yoga Planets continuously occupying houses 4 to 10 Dr. Results: The person becomes untruthful, a jailer, cruel, resident of forts or hills or forests, a wrestler, ignorant of what is right and wrong, indulging in 'Kuta' or deceptive pursuits.

Akirti Chhatra Yoga Planets continuously occupying houses 7 to 1 Dr. Results: The person will become a commander of an army, honored by the rulers, good in looks, brave and wealthy. Results: The person is of lovely looks, illustrious, a king or his equivalent. Akirti Samudra Yoga Planets in six alternate houses starting from the 2nd houses 6 even houses Dr. Results: The person is wealthy, renowned, blessed with physical pleasures, likable, virtuous, stable of mind. Sankhya Gola Yoga All planets confined to 1 house only Dr.

Results: The person is destitute, illiterate, wicked, miserable, ever wandering. Sankhya Yuga Yoga All planets restricted to 2 houses Dr. Results: The person is poor, heretic, shameless, socially rejected, bereft of logic, devoid of mother, father and virtue. Results: The person is lazy, cruel, socially rejected, injured, scarred, a fighter, like a thorn in the flesh of others. Sankhya Kedara Yoga All planets occupying four houses Dr. Results: The person is truthful, wealthy, virtuous, doing good to others, resorts to agriculture.

Sankhya Pasha Yoga All planets distributed over 5 houses in the chart Dr. Results: The person has a large family, is adept in work, skillful in earning wealth, crafty, impolite, fond of dwelling in forests, having numerous drawbacks. Results: The person is wealthy, liberal, renowned, learned, contented, earns through legitimate means. Results: The person is prosperous, versed in sacred scriptures, fond of dance and music, skillful, a leader, looks after the sustenance of many.

Results: This person is good looking and handsome, with a prominent face, beautiful eyebrows, dark hair and clear, somewhat darkish complexion. The waist is slim and so are the lower limbs. The person is bold and courageous, full of strength and vigor, and eager to pursue adventurous activities wherefrom name and fame is gained. The person is, of royal bearing and ever intent on combat, the commander of an army or leader of a gang of thiefs and annihilator of opponents.

The person has great capacity for discrimination and is devoted to elders, preceptors. The person is well versed in sacred scriptures and lives happily upto the age of The death will come in the vicinity of a temple. Results: The effects of the Mahapurusha Yoga is somewhat diminished but the good effects will come into place in the Dasha of Mars.

Results: The effects of the Mahapurusha Yoga is somewhat diminished in terms of power but the person will still attain happiness. Results: The person is physically strong ands healthy, with long arms and a fine dense beard. The face is like a lion and the gait has the majesty of an elephant. Commanding stature, broad chest and shoulders, and proportionate limbs, beautiful forehead and a dark curly hair. The body has the fragrance of saffron and the voice is sweet and impressive. The person is virtuous and learned, of a stable mind and very intelligent. Independent in all undertakings, judicious and not forgiving.

Extremely wealthy, blessed with comforts, wife and progeny. Death will come at 80 on a pilgrimage, in a holy place. Results: The effects of the Mahapurusha Yoga is somewhat diminished but the good effects will come into place in the Dasha of Mercury. Results: The person has a fair complexion, prominent cheeks, beautiful face, and the skin has a golden luster. The voice is sweet like that of a swan. The person has Kapha constitution and has fondness of water sports. The sexual urge is insatiable. The person has a thirst of knowledge and sacred scriptures, is virtuous, doing good to others, and is blessed with a beautiful spouse.

Enjoying variety of physical and material comforts the person will leave this world at the age of in a forest. Results: The effects of the Mahapurusha Yoga is somewhat diminished but the good effects will come into place in the Dasha of Jupiter. Results: The person has a graceful appearance, fine and beautiful lips, slim waist, handsome body, deep voice, sparkling teeth and bright complexion like the full Moon.

The cheeks are prominent, eyes bright, and a long upper limbs approaching the knees. The person is learned, versed in the scriptures, has wealth, earns through own effort. Having power, blessed with a spouse and progeny, the person enjoys all comforts but is inclined towards extramaritial relationships.

Death will come at the age of Results: The effects of the Mahapurusha Yoga is somewhat diminished but the good effects will come into place in the Dasha of Venus. Results: The person is of medium height, slim waist, high set teeth, beautiful legs and a fast but regular gait. The complexion is dark. There is an attraction to jungles, forts, and other odd places. The person is brave and cruel, with roving eyes and a desire for the possessions of others. The person is a commander of an army or a leader of a group, village or a town. The person is competent, wealthy and learned, and keen to point out the faults of others.

Exessively fond of the sexual act the person associates with other people's spouses. An adept in metallurgy, and the science of chemicals. Death at age of Results: The effects of the Mahapurusha Yoga is somewhat diminished but the good effects will come into place in the Dasha of Saturn. Look out for another texts dealing with the particular version of this Yoga Dr. Results: The person is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

Results: The person is overpowering, famous, intelligent, virtuous, wealthy, consistent in love and fickle-minded If the conjunction is in Lagna, the 4th, the 7th, the 9th or the 10th house then additional text should appear elsewhere. Results: This combination should be very favorable for domestic comforts and the mother of the person. But according to Mansagari this Yoga deprives one of comforts at home, leads to troubles in respect of the mother, and confers an attitude to work for others. Results: The person will have good health and a long life, respected by his family members, and an inclination to be frugal.

Mansagari adds that the person will become impotent and suffer from jaundice, but in general this Yoga confers conjugal harmony. Results: The person will have a very favorable career, attains a dignified position and wealth. There could also be strong idealism and spiritual pursuits. Mansagari, maintains that a person with this Yoga will give up a spouse and children to become an ascetic. Results: The person is good-looking, blessed with friends, spouse and progeny.

The person will enjoy health, is dignified and impressive. Results: The person is equivalent to a king, a minister, learned etc. There is abundance of domestic comforts. Results: The person is learned, skilled, a trader, wealthy, and will experience conjugal bliss. The person will have luck and obtain wealth through business partnerships. Results: The person is distinguished, fortunate, wealthy, contented and will have great fortune.

There will be good luck as well as virtuous activities and religious pursuits. Results: The person is a scholar, wealthy, haughty, respectable, etc. This is a good combination for career prospects, high status, and financial prosperity. Results: Depending on the strength of the constituent planets, the person becomes a king or a minister or a commander of an army. There will be prosperity, health, status, governmental recognition and dominance over opponents. Sunapha Yoga A planet, other than Sun, occupies the 2nd house from Moon.

Look out for the variety with the same name Dr. Results: This confers upon the person a status equivalent to a king, immense wealth, capacity to earn fortune through own efforts, wide renown, inclination towards virtuous deeds, quietude and contentment. Results: This variety of Sunapha Yoga indicates that the person is valorous, cruel, fierce, wealthy, a king or commander, averse to hypocrisy, having a son that takes to agriculture.

Results: This variety of Sunapha Yoga indicates that the person is well versed in scriptures and religion, fine arts and music, of good looks and agreeable speech, highly intelligent and doing good to others and earning well. Dies of ailments due coldness. Results: This variety of Sunapha Yoga indicates that the person excels in every branch of learning, is a preceptor, widely renown, very wealthy, favored by the ruler, and blessed with a good family.

Lives a sinless life to one hundred years of age. Results: This variety of Sunapha Yoga indicates that the person is very efficient, brave, good in looks, and honored by the ruler, learned and blessed with a spouse, houses, lands, vehicles, quadrupeds and splendor. Results: This variety of Sunapha Yoga indicates that the person is clever and skillful, held in esteem by the rural and urban folk alike, wealthy and contended.

The person lives on goat's milk. This combination is not favorable for the mother of the person. Anapha Yoga A planet, other than Sun, occupies the 12th house from Moon. Results: The person will be equivalent to a king, healthy, affable, renowned, an orator, capable, virtuous, given to varied material comforts, pleasant in looks and happy.

Results: This variety of Anapha Yoga indicates that the person is a leader of a band of thieves, haughty, wrathful, bold, praiseworthy, good-looking, and hurtful to everyone including the person's mother. Results: This variety of Anapha Yoga indicates that the person is eloquent, a poet, honored by the ruler, versed in music, dance and writing, handsome and renowned. This combination could be adverse for one's child's career. If Guru aspects the 6th house, the person is contented and happy. Results: This variety of Anapha Yoga shows that the person is a charmer of the opposite sex, adulterous, sweet-tongued, a king, bestowed with wealth, cattle and material possessions.

Durudhara Yoga Any planets, other than Sun, occupy the 2nd and the 12th house from Moon. Results: The person earns fame through good speech, learning, valor and virtue. Immense wealth, vehicles, lands, servants, comforts, and freedom from enemies. The person is given to charities and is attracted to member of the opposite sex having lovely eyes. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is untruthful, rich, clever, faultfinding, avaricious, respected in own family.

Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is untruthful, rich, clever, faultfinding, avaricious, respected in own family and addicted to elderly unchaste women. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is renowned and wealthy, easily angered, generally contented, protector of his dear ones, harassed by his opponents, accumulator of fortune earned through his own efforts.

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Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is handsome, valorous, athletic, argumentative, pious, wealthy, very efficient. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is handsome, valorous, athletic, argumentative, pious, wealthy, very efficient and blessed with a lovely wife. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is engaged in wicked deeds, easily angered, treacherous, rich, annihilator of enemies, a hoarder, without remorse. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is engaged in wicked deeds, easily angered, treacherous, rich, annihilator of enemies, a hoarder, without remorse, addicted to unchaste women.

Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is religiously inclined, versed in scriptures, eloquent, wealthy, a poet, a renunciant, highly renowned. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is sweet tongued, good in looks, fond of dance and music, heroic in temperament, a minister, commanding respect. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person goes from one country to another to earn money, revered, of poor or moderate learning, opposed to kith and kin.

Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is blessed with wisdom an valor, steadfast, prosperous, of royal mien, very renowned and guiltless. Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is blessed with comforts, humble, sweet-tongued, very learned, wealthy, of beautiful looks and of quiet temperament.

Results: This variety of Durudhara Yoga shows that the person is clever and wealthy, favored by the king, of mature thinking, head of the family, liked by women. Results: The person is bereft of health, wealth, learning, wisdom, spouse, progeny and mental peace. The person suffers misery, failures, physical illness and humiliation.

Telugu Vedic Horoscope

This is said to reduce a prince to a pauper look for Kalpadruma Yoga or Kemadruma-Bhanga Yoga for cancellation. Results: This Yoga cancels the evil of Kemadruma Yoga and bestows all comforts on the person. Results: This Yoga cancels the evil of Kemadruma Yoga. Kemadruma-Bhanga Yoga While conditions of Kemadruma are existent, there is a strong Moon in a Kendra associated or aspected by benefics Dr. Kemadruma-Bhanga Yoga While conditions of Kemadruma are existent, Moon is exalted in the 10th house aspected by a benefic Dr.

Results: The person will be extremely wealthy and enjoys comforts while staying at home. Results: The person's wealth, learning, efficiency and fame will be alpa ordinary. Results: The person's wealth, learning, efficiency and fame will be madhya medium. Results: The person's wealth, learning, efficiency and fame will be uttama plenteous. Results: The person is very wealthy. Results: The person is destitute, indigent, ever toiling, disliked by all, with ever fluctuating fortunes.

The person will be detached, without a house, long-lived but subsisting on the charities of others. The person is ever ailing, miserable, despite being the offspring of a wealthy parent, cannot even dream of comforts. The person is opposed to one's kith and kin look for Shakata-Bhanga Yoga. Results: This cancels most of the negative from Shakata Yoga and the person is blessed with comforts. Veshi Yoga A planet, other than Moon, occupies the 2nd house from Sun. Results: The person will be truthful, lazy, kind-hearted, virtuously disposed, with squinted eyes, having a tall stature and a balanced outlook, with good memory and ordinary wealth.

Results: This variety of Veshi Yoga shows that the person is a destitute and associates with wicked people. Results: This variety of Veshi Yoga shows that the person is valorous in battle, a charioteer, and renowned. Results: This variety of Veshi Yoga shows that the person is sweet-tongued, handsome, and capable of be-fooling others. Results: This variety of Veshi Yoga shows that the person is of a steady nature, truthful, wise, and undaunted in battle. Results: This variety of Veshi Yoga shows that the person is renowned, respectable, with many virtues, and intrepid.

Voshi Yoga A planet, other than Moon, occupies the 12th house from Sun. Results: The person will exercise no restraint of speech, having eloquence, good learning, wide renown, sharp memory, physical strength and charitable nature. Untruthful, walking with the gaze directed downwards and given to excessive physical effort. Results: This variety of Voshi Yoga shows that the person is intelligent, learned, strong, wealthy and engaged in scientific pursuits.

Results: This variety of Voshi Yoga shows that the person is of a cruel nature, ugly looks, excessive lust and poor intelligence. Results: This variety of Voshi Yoga shows that the person appears poor to all, devoid of physical strength, and is shameless. Results: This variety of Voshi Yoga shows that the person is a hoarder and illustrious like the sunlit day. Results: This variety of Voshi Yoga shows that the person is cowardly, lustful, without enthusiasm and servile.

Results: This variety of Voshi Yoga shows that the person is addicted to women of others, kind-hearted, exhausted and of mature looks. Results: This variety of Voshi Yoga shows that the person is addicted to spouses of others, kind-hearted, exhausted and of mature looks. Results: The person has a strong physique, equal to a king, capable of shouldering great responsibility, great learning, balanced outlook, wealthy, handsome and blessed with numerous objects of pleasure.

This is particularly the results if benefics form this Yoga. Results: The person is revered by the ruler, blessed with physical pleasures, of a charitable disposition, likeable and helpful, and enjoys lasting fame. Results: The person is eloquent, has good health, with a handsome appearance, and much wealth and fame. Results: The person might have criminal tendencies, ill-health, unwholesome food, excessive sexual urge, intention to grab the wealth of others. Lagn Adhi Yoga Benefic planets occupy the 6th, 7th and 8th house from Lagna, free from malefic aspect or association comparable with Chandra-Adhi Yoga Dr.

Results: The person is virtuous, learned, comforts, stable wealth, high status, a generous disposition, capability of compilation or writing. Parvata Yoga Benefic planets occupying the Kendras, and 6th and 8th houses either vacant or occupied by benefics only Dr. Results: The person is renowned, illustrious, fortunate, wealthy, an orator, charitable, leader of a town or a city, learned and very lustful.

Parvata Yoga The lords of Lagna and 12th house are placed in mutual Kendras and aspected by benefics Dr. Results: The person is aggressive, courageous, ignorant, commander of an army, owner or ruler of several villages. The person has material possessions, and ownership of land, houses and vehicles. Kahala Yoga The 4th lord is exalted or in its own house, associated with or aspected by the 10th lord Dr. Results: The person has kingship or honor through a king, eloquence, wisdom, knowledge of several subjects including sacred scriptures and a longevity of 71 years. Chamara Yoga Two benefics conjoined either in the Lagna, or 7th, or 9th, or 10th house Dr.

Results: The person grows or progresses in prosperity like the Moon in the waxing phase. The person is well behaved, wealthy, renowned, longlived and lord of men. Results: The person is well equipped with gold, wealth, grains and precious stones, and will be equal to king of kings.

Results: The person has younger siblings that are very devoted to the person. These younger brothers or sisters are brave and valiant and will attain glory and will be endowed with admiration of others, loved by everyone and highly renowned. Results: The person is rich in cattle wealth or grains, be the owner of a beautifully constructed manison full of relatives, have a beautiful and respectable spouse, blessed with everlasting happiness, owner of elephants, horses, palaquins etc.

Results: The person will lead a happy family life, will be fortunate and enjoy happiness from children, will be wealthy and renowned with eloquent speech. The person will possess a sharp intellect and be honored by the king and will become a minister of the king. Results: The person will be capable of conquering very powerful enemies. Results: The person will disturb others in their work and become a talebearer.

Results: The person will move in palaquins excellent vehicles in the midst of musical sounds, never lacking wealth and always obsering a righteous code of conduct. The person will have a spouse, children, friends and be very wealthy, prosperous and famous. Results: The person will always be celebrating on some account or another. The person gains power and is an owner of a much hoarded wealth, being learned and always engaged in performing auspicious functions, having a large family and be fond of hearing songs.

Results: The person will accumilate wealth after great difficulty but it will be unstable. The person will suffer humiliation and have a unsteady mind and not very bright, always spending only for legitimate purposes and goes to heaven after death. Results: The person might be of no significance, unknown and of no importance to others, possibly short-lived and poor. Humiliation, company of the wicked, bad behaviour and unsteady position are descriptive of the persons life. Results: The person will be harsh in speech, remain in bad company and will have ill formed teeth and eyes, bereft of intelligence, children, learning and power, wealth being taken away by foes.

The person will be tired by indulging in unseemly activity and will be of excitable temperment. Results: The person will be bereft of mother, conveyances, friends, happiness, ornaments, relations. Results: The person will be indiscriminate and have a miserable life, a liar, a cheat, childless or suffering from the loss of children, associating with mean and wicked people, lacking the faith in God and will be a glutton. Results: The person will be deprived of a spouse and indulge in other peoples spouses, be a wanderer, unnoticed, suffering from veneral diseases, punished by the ruling power, hated by relations and remains unhappy as a consequence.

Results: The person will lose all parental property, such as lands, house etc. Results: The person will be of no importance, a traitor and very selfish, only earning to satisfy own hunger, constantly away from home and lives abroad. Results: Incoming debts will constantly be the way of life for the person, suffering from diseases of the ear, deprived of good siblings, engaged in cruelity and sins, indecent in speech and work like a menial. Results: The person is kind-hearted, virtuous, learned, blessed with a spouse and children, morally sound, versed in sacred scriptures, owns lands, enjoys prosperity and lives up to 81 years.

The person has the authority to discipline or punish. Shankha Yoga The lord of the Lagna as well as the lord of the 10th house occupy a Chara sign, and the 9th lord is strong Dr. Bheri Yoga The lord of the 9th house is strong, and all planets occupy the Lagna, the 2nd, the 7th and the 12th house only Dr. Results: The person is of a royal bearing, of a noble birth, well behaved, bereft of danger and disease, blessed with wealth and worldly comforts, as well as with a spouse, children and fame.

Khadga Yoga The 9th lord is in the 2nd and the 2nd lord is in the 9th while the lord of the Lagna is occupying a Kendra or a Trikona Dr. Lakshmi Yoga The Lagna lord is abundantly strong, and the lord of the 9th house occupies a Kendra identical to his own house, his Moolatrikona, or his exaltation Dr. Results: The person is good in looks, virtuous, very wealthy, owns vast lands, learned, and illustrious king, widely renowned, blessed with numerous spouses, and children. Results: The person is pleasant to look at, liberal, widely renowned, of blameless character, lord of lands, a king or equivalent to king.

Results: The person is blessed with all feminine qualities, and virtues, graceful, good fortune, good character, lots of wealth, and progeny. Results: The person will be a beggar. Results: The person will be fond of begging. Results: The persons deeds or efforts will bear fruit. Results: The person deals with drinks, earthen jars, crude instruments and women. There is disobedience to the mother. This is a combination for good earnings and accumulation of wealth, although the means to achieve these ends may not necessarily be legitimate,or be appealing to the base-needs of men, unless this configuration achieves an aspect from Guru.

Results: Equal to king, commanding several elephants and horses vehicles , wealthy. Dhanu Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 2nd house Dr. Results: A wealthy king, devoted to his parents, aggressive, resolute, unsympathetic, virtuous.

Vikrama Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 3rd house Dr. Results: Valorous, ruler, wealthy, sickly, surrounded by brave men. Sukha Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 4th house Dr. Results: Liberal, ruler of several countries, charitable and wealthy. Putra Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 5th house Dr. Results: Famous, religious, performing sacrificial rituals Satru Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 6th house Dr.

Results: Generally poor, occasionally getting wealth and comforts, greedy. Kalatra Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 7th house Dr. Results: Long-lived, a king, associating with several wives spouses? Randhra Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 8th house Dr. Results: Long-lived, distinguished, poor and henpecked. Bhagya Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 9th house Dr.

Results: Powerful, well to do, saintly, a devout performer of sacrifices. Karma Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 10th house Dr. Results: Virtuous, highly esteemed, given to good deeds. Labha Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 11th house Dr.

Results: Very competent, blessed with lovely women, of royal mien. Vraya Malika Mala Yoga All seven planets occupy seven consecutive houses starting with the 12th house Dr. Results: Widely respected, honored, liberal, indulges in lavish spending. Chatussagara Yoga All planets occupy the four Kendras, or, all the planets occupy the four Chara signs Dr. In Astrology Yogas Combinations are formed due to Signs, Houses and Planets in a birth chart which give specific good or bad results.

Vahana means a vehicle which in itself is a symbol of material comfort and convenience. This astrological Yoga is very auspicious and indicative of prosperity and comfort. As per Vedic astrology the vehicles one possesses are indicated by the 4th house of the birth chart and the Karaka or signifying planet is Venus.

So if in a birth chart the planet Venus is posited in the 4th house along with the 4th lord then the person having this Yoga may succeed in possessing only an ordinary vehicle such as a bicycle, rickshaw viz.